About Bonsui

Bonsui was founded in 2009 with the aim to create fashion-forward wardrobe staples inspired by the elegance of Parisian style and culture. With an emphasis on Couture inspired detailing and luxurious fabrics, each Bonsui collection is a treasure chest of femininity, elegance and dramatic silhouettes 

The name ‘Bonsui’ is made up of the compound of the French word ‘Bon’ meaning ‘good’ and the Latin ‘sui’ meaning ‘myself’. Thus, the brand ethos is based on ‘it feels for good for myself’.

The way in which fabrics feel and move has always been of upmost importance to Bonsui. Therefore the designers have always strived to source unique textures each season which will inject fun and intrigue into simple patterns and transform them into something distinctive and luxurious. This approach to fashion places Bonsui’s garments on many trendsetters’ ‘must have’ lists, appealing to those who are not afraid to seek out novel and original garments.