About Indigreen

Launched in January 2009, Indigreen is a fusion of art, high fashion, eco friendly values, fair trade ethics and a heavy dose of Bollywood & Indian Pop Art. And so, Indigreen's Limited Edition signature organic cotton collections have hand painted India-inspired Art with unusually funny (and sometimes cheesy!! ) 'go green' / social messages incorporated into their design. This fusion of green values, art and messaging makes Indigreen a unique, ‘communicative’ high fashion brand.

The poster art is painted by former Bollywood poster painters who lost out on work ever since Bollywood advertising went digital.  By paying them an artist fee, we are both keeping this very Indian art alive and also making one of the most exclusive designs in the world- where else can you get a real work of art on a t-shirt! And so we have managed to create the concept of the first, ‘100% Indian Art Organic Tee’. Our collections are made of GOTS certified organic cotton. The dyes used are low impact or organic/vegetable dyes. The paints used for the Bollywood art are EU certified non toxic, eco friendly and child safe.

Within a very short period after its launch, Indigreen has managed to create a buzz in the fashion, environment, art circles for its contribution in all these spheres with strong social and sustainable ethics. In October 2010, Indigreen received the Green Heroes Award at the National Geographic Green Conclave held at New Delhi. Indigreen was also shortlisted as finalist for the Young Creative Entrepreneurs Award by the British Council.

Taking its vision of fusing Indian Art and Crafts into clothing and lifestyle accessories, Indigreen is now working on an exciting diversification of designs that will offer a platform to artists and artisans across India to showcase their creativity through Indigreen.