About Jolonte Vous!

The designer label Jolonté Vous! impresses with its unique concept: Your Dress².

The collection is based on elegant shift dresses reinterpreted with an abundance of versatility – in just one simple step, a sophisticated day look is turned into a second, extravagant night look. The principle of variability enables the wearer to experiment and to express her uniqueness - in a very understated, unassuming, yet still extremely stylish and extraordinary way.

The designer Pauline Kondratuk, founder and owner of the brand, lives and works in Frankfurt (Germany). Her lifestyle has influenced the emergence of the idea for the label strongly. Many years working as a Store Manager in the lifestyle industry, she managed a balance between challenging work and study of the Masters of Design. It was always important for her to enjoy the evening after a working day, and thus to live a healthy work-life balance. This is how she began designing real convertible dresses herself: dresses that embody and support the lifestyle of modern, sophisticated and versatile women.