About Moniyang

Moniyang epitomises the young, ambitious and audacious. Launched in 2009, Moniyang’s cutting-edge designs redefine urban fashion with a twist of punk, beautifully blended with classic luxury. Founded by University friends Dennis Immanuel and Junior Agyeman, the name MONIYANG is a Sudanese term translated 'men of men' derived from an indeginous tribe where the culture requires a boy when of age to go through a rigorous initiation. If he succeeds he is deemed a “Moniyang”, a man
amongst men. It is this notion that is synonymous with the brand ethos. Moniyang is about striving for excellence in once endeavor and become outstanding even amongst the excellent.

Titled ‘Inside Out’, the new collection is heavily inspired by old spaghetti westerns. Garments such as the poncho retain their Native American roots, but are also exaggerated beyond the norm and transformed into versatile, modern pieces through the use of innovative materials. Other items also include interchangeable and light-weight bomber jackets that fuse fine lamb nappa leather with striking embroidery to create charismatic pieces.

Dennis Immanuel, Founder of Moniyang said: “We’re very proud of the ‘Inside/Out’ Collection. As a young boy I was fixated with the vibrant colours and patterns worn by Native American characters in old-style westerns.” This Collection pays homage to Native Americans’ tradition to use every part of an animal’s anatomy to make not only clothes but other useful utensils.

Each piece has the ability to interchange into another fashionable piece of clothing that can be worn more ways than one, and shouldn’t simply be thrown away due to changing trends.