Bonsui was founded in 2009 with the aim to create fashion-forward wardrobe staples inspired by the elegance of Parisian style and culture. With an emphasis on Couture inspired detailing and luxurious fabrics, each Bonsui collection is a treasure chest of femininity, elegance and dramatic silhouettes 

The name ‘Bonsui’ is made up of the compound of the French word ‘Bon’ meaning ‘good’ and the Latin ‘sui’ meaning ‘myself’. Thus, the brand ethos is based on ‘it feels for good for myself’.

The way in which fabrics feel and move has always been of upmost importance to Bonsui. Therefore the designers have always strived to source unique textures each season which will inject fun and intrigue into simple patterns and transform them into something distinctive and luxurious. This approach to fashion places Bonsui’s garments on many trendsetters’ ‘must have’ lists, appealing to those who are not afraid to seek out novel and original garments.

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An exciting new online boutique coming soon! Dont forget to check back regularly for updates or visit our blogs for great fashion tips and advice!

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An exciting new online boutique coming soon! Dont forget to check back regularly for updates or visit our blogs for great fashion tips and advice!

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Victorian Inspired Jewellery from the heart of Spain. Cristina Cardenas specialises in an art of jewellery that is not seen before. View her boutique to find out more.

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Pioneering in Eco-production and made in the UK, Etrala London designs high-end limited and ethical collections. Each piece is handmade in London using 100% natural fabrics, such as pure silk, British wool and organic cotton. The company uses a “Slow Fashion Concept” and only produces as per demand to reduce surplus stock and wastage. Each piece is manufactured with a focus on delivering the highest quality standards possible.

Maria & Emilio (Spain, 1983) are co-founders of the company Etrala Ltd.  After 12 years being a couple, they decided to combine their career paths and move to London to achieve their dream of starting their own business, a fashion Label. They founded Etrala London in 2011.

Maria graduated in Environmental Engineering in Seville and after a few years working in this field, decided to study a MA in Fashion Design at IED Madrid. Emilio graduated in Business in Seville and then studied his MBA at IE Business School (Madrid). With a deeply entrepreneurial spirit, he has always aimed to set up his own business in the luxury sector. Nowadays, Maria works as the creative director of the brand, and Emilio runs the business development area.

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The Holt Store launched in 2012 by Elisea Nir Wolff. Holt is a handpainted label made in Miami. Holt Store features hot dresses for hot girls. Looking for glamour and fashion in one place? Holt Store is the place for you. Maison De Luxe.

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HottinDaro is a New York City  company founded by Richard Hottinger and Andy Rotondaro.  In October of 2012, HottinDaro officially launched its innovative line of designer cashmere pants for men and women. By February 2013, HottinDaro had successfully sold-out of its initial product. The company has now expand it's collection for the Fall of 2013 and Winter 2014 to include cashmere-hooded sweatshirts, and a cashmere children line called, "LittleHotties". 

HottinDaro's mission has always been to bridge the gap that lies between comfort and style. 

You only live once, you might as well live it in cashmere. 

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Launched in January 2009, Indigreen is a fusion of art, high fashion, eco friendly values, fair trade ethics and a heavy dose of Bollywood & Indian Pop Art. And so, Indigreen's Limited Edition signature organic cotton collections have hand painted India-inspired Art with unusually funny (and sometimes cheesy!! ) 'go green' / social messages incorporated into their design. This fusion of green values, art and messaging makes Indigreen a unique, ‘communicative’ high fashion brand.

The poster art is painted by former Bollywood poster painters who lost out on work ever since Bollywood advertising went digital.  By paying them an artist fee, we are both keeping this very Indian art alive and also making one of the most exclusive designs in the world- where else can you get a real work of art on a t-shirt! And so we have managed to create the concept of the first, ‘100% Indian Art Organic Tee’. Our collections are made of GOTS certified organic cotton. The dyes used are low impact or organic/vegetable dyes. The paints used for the Bollywood art are EU certified non toxic, eco friendly and child safe.

Within a very short period after its launch, Indigreen has managed to create a buzz in the fashion, environment, art circles for its contribution in all these spheres with strong social and sustainable ethics. In October 2010, Indigreen received the Green Heroes Award at the National Geographic Green Conclave held at New Delhi. Indigreen was also shortlisted as finalist for the Young Creative Entrepreneurs Award by the British Council.

Taking its vision of fusing Indian Art and Crafts into clothing and lifestyle accessories, Indigreen is now working on an exciting diversification of designs that will offer a platform to artists and artisans across India to showcase their creativity through Indigreen.

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The designer label Jolonté Vous! impresses with its unique concept: Your Dress².

The collection is based on elegant shift dresses reinterpreted with an abundance of versatility – in just one simple step, a sophisticated day look is turned into a second, extravagant night look. The principle of variability enables the wearer to experiment and to express her uniqueness - in a very understated, unassuming, yet still extremely stylish and extraordinary way.

The designer Pauline Kondratuk, founder and owner of the brand, lives and works in Frankfurt (Germany). Her lifestyle has influenced the emergence of the idea for the label strongly. Many years working as a Store Manager in the lifestyle industry, she managed a balance between challenging work and study of the Masters of Design. It was always important for her to enjoy the evening after a working day, and thus to live a healthy work-life balance. This is how she began designing real convertible dresses herself: dresses that embody and support the lifestyle of modern, sophisticated and versatile women.

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The brand L-L-B is based on the idea of conceptual ecology and has a clear vision of slow fashion, with a focus on high quality tailoring and an ecological and ethical message.

Upcycling fabrics and mixing with sustainable textiles, Norwegian designer Lisbeth Løvbak Berg creates high-end and unique pieces that underline the value of clothing by thinking of clothing as art. L-L-B aims to have as low an impact on the environment as possible and is constantly researching new ways to achieve this goal through a “why waste it when you can wear it”- policy.

The garments are produced in France to ensure quality through French savoir-faire and fair production conditions. The L-L-B Studio in Dijon, France, also produces bespoke, made-to-measure pieces and works with charitable organizations, such as UNICEF, to further improve its social impact.

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Moniyang epitomises the young, ambitious and audacious. Launched in 2009, Moniyang’s cutting-edge designs redefine urban fashion with a twist of punk, beautifully blended with classic luxury. Founded by University friends Dennis Immanuel and Junior Agyeman, the name MONIYANG is a Sudanese term translated 'men of men' derived from an indeginous tribe where the culture requires a boy when of age to go through a rigorous initiation. If he succeeds he is deemed a “Moniyang”, a man
amongst men. It is this notion that is synonymous with the brand ethos. Moniyang is about striving for excellence in once endeavor and become outstanding even amongst the excellent.

Titled ‘Inside Out’, the new collection is heavily inspired by old spaghetti westerns. Garments such as the poncho retain their Native American roots, but are also exaggerated beyond the norm and transformed into versatile, modern pieces through the use of innovative materials. Other items also include interchangeable and light-weight bomber jackets that fuse fine lamb nappa leather with striking embroidery to create charismatic pieces.

Dennis Immanuel, Founder of Moniyang said: “We’re very proud of the ‘Inside/Out’ Collection. As a young boy I was fixated with the vibrant colours and patterns worn by Native American characters in old-style westerns.” This Collection pays homage to Native Americans’ tradition to use every part of an animal’s anatomy to make not only clothes but other useful utensils.

Each piece has the ability to interchange into another fashionable piece of clothing that can be worn more ways than one, and shouldn’t simply be thrown away due to changing trends.

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MuMu organic is an Ethical label from Greece, producing high quality women's clothes.

Created in the beautiful Cyclades islands in 2009 by designer Athena Bentila and artist Roland Wakker, MuMu organic is creating stylish and timeless handmade womenswear,produced locally in Greece.

MuMu organic mainly uses certified organic cotton and through responsible sourcing supports Fair Trade producers in developing countries, as well as providing local employment in Greece.

MuMu organic’s beautiful designs are inspired by the breathtaking and versatile natural environment in the Greek islands. The collections feature simple and flattering, fitted dresses, skirts and tops in bright and intense colours.

The water-based prints, designed by Dutch artist Roland Wakker, have been inspired by his original ecological paintings, giving a fresh and modern approach to the clothes.

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Our boutique, My Favourite Thing opened on London’s famous Kensington Church Street in December 2008. We offer our style-savvy clientele access to both established cutting-edge labels and cool contemporary designers that are not yet well known in the UK. Curated with a sense of class, each item in our store is handpicked every season from designer collections that are shown in Milan, Paris and London to provide the fashion literate with a dedicated service. So weather you are looking for that special dress, those sparkling jewels or just fancy a browse, we are sure to help you find what you want.

During our in-store fashion events you can meet designers and find out more about new projects, trends and collections. The brands we work with will ensure that you discover YOUR FAVOURITE THING from one season to another. 

Visiting My Favourite Thing is a unique experience. Besides finding highly desirable clothes and accessories, we can help you with styling advice as well as providing a personal shopping service with our stylists (by appointment only). Our in-house stylists are highly trained professionals with years of experience within leading fashion houses such as Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci Group and Alexander McQueen.

We collect and curate elegant designs from well-known designers such as Giles, Pierre Balmain and Antonio Marras, but we also love helping our customers learn about emerging and unknown alternative brands.

All of our products are now available online, meaning that you can browse them and get our exclusive customer service from the comfort of your own home. Have a look at our current stock or visit our sale pages for those reduced items: either way My Favourite Thing will ensure that the highest quality products are at your fingertips.

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NOUR London was founded in 1991 by Setareh and her husband Mehrdad Shojaie. Today with over 21 years experience we offer a fantastic mix of jewellery with an enviable collection of Necklaces, Bracelets and Earrings for you to choose from. 

We believe in Design, Quality, Service and aim to bring you the latest fashion must haves as well as contemporary classics and that extra special price you weren’t expecting to find.

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Orion London was created by designers Kim & Han in 2005. Han & Kim have worked in the fashion industry for over 20 years. It’s their passion for colour and print that has established Orion London. Their mission is to create ready-to wear, high quality garments that have been influenced by current trends with a small nod to retro culture.

Orion London aims to supply the fashion conscious woman with instant wardrobe staples. Garments are carefully constructed to flatter all body shapes, appealing to trend-driven teens and yummy-mummies alike. Orion London’s infatuation with prints constantly drives them to create interesting, innovative and beautiful designs each season. Orion London’s main pulling power in the already competitive fashion world is its unique style. Customers choose the brand as they are guaranteed original and innovative designs which both transcend and initiate major trends.

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This is couture lingerie: inspired by all eras & cultures, with genuine flair and attention to detail being a vital element of the designs.

Using the finest silks and laces in production Dimple is able to exhibit her style straight from the heart. Her designs focus on mixing elegance and playfulness which audaciously touch upon the classics, yet freshen inquisitive minds. Pure Chemistry fuses the needs of the modern, yet young spirited woman.

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Qupid Shoes was established in 1981 in California, USA to provide fashionable footwear at affordable prices. We believe that fashion should not exclude anyone. Our Qupid footwear collections include boots, booties, pumps, flats, wedges, sandals, high heels, and more. We pride ourselves on the quality and variety of footwear found in our collections.

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Rebecca-Jane is an eco conscious design label that is owned by designer Rebecca Eaton. All products in the design range are created from reclaimed materials that have been carefully selected to create each piece. Rebecca has always been fascinated by vintage and reclaimed materials, not only for their eco principles but also for their aesthetic beauty.


The innovative and modern designs are all handmade in the United Kingdom.  Each product is predominantly created from re-claimed leather, vintage fabric and antique lace that are teamed together with new leathers for handles and new components. The juxtaposition of the old and new make for products that can be replicated for production but that also hold slight variations due to working with recycled materials, thus making a unique bag for each customer.

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I originally created Red Ruby Rouge as a home for US designers in the UK, a little menage-a-designer for exciting and lesser-known stateside collections aimed at customers like me who just yearn for something you can't find on the high street.

With NYC as my home from home, my dream purchases were always those items I'd never seen before, something so unique and full of inspiration that I could bank on at least several 'oooh where did you get that from' comments from friends (admit it, we all love those).

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We were established in 2013 and are based in Chelsea, in the heart of London. The brands stocked are adhesive, representing the feminine, alluring and modern signature style of Sylvie Quentin. The Sylvie Quentin ethos is to deliver stylish but affordable clothes. Needless to say the Sylvie Quentin brand is simultaneously fashion conscious and fashion forward. It is hard not to love Sylvie Quentin with our high end looks, minus the high end price tags. As well as operating online, we have 1 store in London, and are the official stockists of designer fashion brands Sinequanone, Style Butler, Fairly and Axara.   At Sylvie Quentin, we work efficiently to deliver excellent customer service.

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Think Boutique was launched by ethical fashion enthusiast Victoria McQuillan in September 2010. Inspired by a passionate lecture on ethical fashion while studying for her Masters in Fashion Marketing, Victoria realised that it was possible to strike a balance between her lifelong love for fashion and her concerns about the nature of the fashion industry's moral code. After a long period of research and development of ideas and skills Think Boutique was finally launched. Each season’s collection is bound with a strong element of Victoria's personal style and values, where the fashion credentials come top of the list and the ethics of each item are carefully researched. 

Combining wearable style with eye-catching one-off statement pieces; the Think Boutique collection brings together the most exciting and fashion-forward UK ethical brands with a strong focus on stylish, high quality pieces that are affordable and Think Boutique customers will fall in love with.  

Think Boutique strives to retail clothing that have the highest possible social and environmental credentials. Products are from Fair Trade, organic, sustainable, up-cycled or locally produced sources and many products in the Think Boutique collection are proudly made in the UK. With every detail of the shopping experience carefully thought through from first click to delivery, Think Boutique brings the personal service experience of boutique shopping online.  

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Tonic is a multibrand store bringing together an inspired men and women's collection from all over Europe. We were established in 2013 and are based in the heart of London, Chelsea. The brands are adhesive, representing the easy and fresh signature style of Tonic. The Tonic ethos is to deliver stylish but affordable clothes. Needless to say the Tonic man and woman is simultaneously fashion conscious and free spirited. It is hard not to love Tonic with our exciting clothes and hard-to-beat prices.

As well as operating online we have a store in Chelsea. We are the official stockists of the following designer brands: Gaudi, Vicomte, Andy Richardson, Seal Kay, Sylvian Heach, Coster Copenhagen and Culture. As the official stockists of all the brands we carry we can ensure the authenticity of the products since they are delivered directly from the brands. We work efficiently to deliver excellent customer service.

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Step into the blissful world of Valour & Valkyrie. Stylish, easy to wear pieces with distinct detailing and a dash of ready to wear glamour.

The philosophy of Valour & Valkyrie is underpinned by individuality, modernity and femininity. Valour & Valkyrie prides itself on creating feminine, design led, innovative clothing for the fashion aware.Our Womens wear collection is a sublime mixture of vintage and historical references with highlights of exquisite detailing combining fabric, silhouette and form.

Valour and Valkyrie represents honour and nobility within fashion. We aim to provide directional fashion that is stylish and timeless all at once.

The range is inspired by ethereal illustrations from the turn of the century.In particular the imagery and symbolism of Valkyrie, the Nordic goddess and saviour of souls.

Be enlightened, be uplifted, be inspired by this seasons collection.

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Yvette is a high-end women's evening wear line. The Yvette Fall/Winter 2013 New York Fashion Week collection received international recognition alongside designs from Zac Posen, Donna Karen, Reem Acra, and many others from Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. The brand was recently selected to debut it's Spring/Summer 2014 collection at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Days through Fashion Scout in Kiev, Ukraine. The designer's accolades include Parsons School of Fashion Loqall Challenge Finalist and MUUSEx Vogue Talents Semi-Finalist. Designs have been featured in MODEL Magazine, Quiescent Magazine, Meuse Magazine, and Elegant Magazine.


The line is inspired by the female body, architecture, and natural processes that occur in the world beyond fashion. In developing the designs, the designer experiments with new materials and creates innovative techniques. In transitioning from an architect to a fashion designer, the designer carried over the need to build, construct, and sculpt with materials other than soft fabrics. Final pieces are considered sculptures rather than garments, created to stand on their own. The style is ethereal, delicate and whimsical, yet very structured.

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