The Holt Store launched in 2012 by Elisea Nir Wolff. Holt is a handpainted label made in Miami. Holt Store features hot dresses for hot girls. Looking for glamour and fashion in one place? Holt Store is the place for you. Maison De Luxe.

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HottinDaro is a New York City  company founded by Richard Hottinger and Andy Rotondaro.  In October of 2012, HottinDaro officially launched its innovative line of designer cashmere pants for men and women. By February 2013, HottinDaro had successfully sold-out of its initial product. The company has now expand it's collection for the Fall of 2013 and Winter 2014 to include cashmere-hooded sweatshirts, and a cashmere children line called, "LittleHotties". 

HottinDaro's mission has always been to bridge the gap that lies between comfort and style. 

You only live once, you might as well live it in cashmere. 

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